Philanthropy — Fall 2010

The Business of Big Ideas

Roger Hertog believes in the power of ideas. His philanthropic approach is "a supply-side vision of intellectual capitalism."

By Bret Stephens

The Transience of American Wealth

America is exceptional for the number and size of its fortunes—and for the fact that they don’t seem to last. John Steele Gordon takes a look at the nation’s curious lack of dynastic wealth.

By John Steele Gordon

A Century of Scouting

Private philanthropy helped bring the Boy Scouts to its 100th birthday. What should donors expect in its second century?

By Alvin Townley

The Flagship Donor

Gerry Lenfest has rescued the SS United States. It was a bold, dramatic act, of a piece with his life, his business—and his philanthropy.

By Elizabeth Malone

Fisher House: All about Family

An interview with Ken and Tammy Fisher about the Fisher House Foundation

Forty Knights

The inspiring testimonies of Giving Pledge signers

By Adam Meyerson

Let My People Give

The Orthodox Jewish population is growing, and Orthodox donors are deciding how their giving will relate to other Jews—and to the world at large.

By Tevi Troy

Briefly Noted

Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation

“To help underprivileged or needy people to improve themselves”

By Justin Torres

Eye of the Needle

What do Christian teachings on wealth mean for philanthropy?

By Evan Sparks

Sunshine Lady

Doris Buffett, retail philanthropist

By Tom Riley

Staffing Up

Books in Brief

Short reviews of new books on Cecil B. DeMille, Siegmund Warburg, and community development