Briefly Noted

Veterans and chefs help in Houston. Broken instrument symphony. Ronald McDonald House marathons. Midwest wildlife preservation.

Nonprofit Spotlight: Junior Achievement

Training youth to be workforce ready

By Allison Futterman

Interview with David Saltzman

After leading the Robin Hood Foundation for 27 years, Saltzman reflects on his time fighting poverty in New York

Interview with Orville Rogers

This 99-year-old runner explains how his Christian faith moved him to serve in the military and donate upwards of $34 million

Making Miracles in Memphis

From work to school to arts to recreation, Pitt and Barbara Hyde show how to energize a hometown

By Evan Sparks

Tiny Ships to the Stars

A billionaire’s ambitious plans to send stamp-sized spacecraft light years away

By Jeff Foust

Three Donors, a Trustee, and a Library

One of the largest libraries in the world is a product of private philanthropy

By John Steele Gordon

Medical Matchmaking

While federal health-care policy is in disarray, these charities and volunteers are offering help now

By David Bass, Madeline Fry, Howard Husock, Caitrin Keiper, Jen Para, Sean Parnell, Evan Sparks, and Liz Essley Whyte

Should Donors Invest in School Districts?

Charter-like deregulation might open a door for effective philanthropy on the district level

By Nithin Iyengar, Kate Lewis-LaMonica, and Mike Perigo

Teach a Man to Teach a Man to Fish

One doctor’s shortcut to supplying Africa with surgeons

By Andrew Evans

Battle Creek Alchemy

Two philanthropic brothers achieved their ­radically different legacies in reactive ­opposition to each other

By Ashley May

Settling for Stasis

Americans use technology for comfort, not revolution

By Ryan Streeter

President’s Note

Tax Reform and Philanthropy's Three Percent Solution

By Adam Meyerson