Philanthropy — Spring 2017

Briefly Noted

SPLC on the warpath. The truth on foreign aid. Getting bluegrass in the black. Making Americans. An Oscar for humanitarianism.

Nonprofit Spotlight: Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program

Boosting students to university and beyond

By Claire Sykes

Interview with Paul Haaga

The Republican investor on running NPR for $1, how to be an effective board member, and his very own dinosaur.

What’s in a Name?

The delicate dance behind some of today’s largest gifts

By Kate Harvey

Privacy as a Philanthropic Pillar

Why givers prize the right to be anonymous

By Karl Zinsmeister

The Legal and Political Landscape of Donor Privacy

Protecting donor privacy is crucial to the health and freedom of our society, but not everyone sees it that way

By Sean Parnell

Bad Donors, Good Results

Human kindness and charitable success aren’t necessarily linked. That’s one of the paradoxes of philanthropy.

By Grant Smith

Good Giving from the Grave

How donors and charities can plan wisely to avoid posthumous punch-ups

By Doug White

The Dark Side of Transparency

Private decision-making can be more effective than openness

By Bob Reid

Rethinking Disability

Donors launch an experiment that could spark seminal social reform

By Thomas Meyer

Business, Love, and Service

Three human impulses led to history’s number-one charitable donation

By Noemie Emery

Preservation and Prosperity

What could property rights do for Indian reservations?

By Daniel Fishman

President’s Note

Our Mission: Protecting Your Freedom

By Adam Meyerson