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A Welfare System That Works

The Latter-day Saints are proving that private citizens can support a vast and effective social welfare system.

By Naomi Schaefer Riley

From Philanthropy magazine, Fall 2012

Welfare, it is sometimes said, can only be effectively administered by the government. Not so fast. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints runs a vast and effective social welfare system. Read Naomi Schaefer Riley’s article on a how private individuals can administer a large-scale welfare system—that works.

From Driehaus to Our House

A Chicago donor reintroduces timeless principles of proportion, harmony, and visual delight into America’s public spaces.

By James Panero

From Philanthropy magazine, Fall 2012

The elegant classicism of the National Mall has long been a proper tribute to the great heroes of the republic. But a proliferation of new monuments has disrupted the Mall’s architectural harmony. When the proposed Dwight Eisenhower Memorial threatened to add yet more postmodern sprawl, Richard Driehaus pushed back. Click here to read a profile by the New Criterion’s James Panero.

The Flagship Donor

Gerry Lenfest has rescued the SS United States. It was a bold, dramatic act, of a piece with his life, his business—and his philanthropy.

By Elizabeth Malone

From Philanthropy magazine, Fall 2010

In 2010, the SS United States—a great relic of the golden age of trans-Atlantic travel—was on the cusp of being scrapped, but at the eleventh hour, a daring donation by Gerry Lenfest saved the ship, opening an opportunity for its rehabilitation. It was a dramatic donation, of a piece with his life, business, and philanthropy.

America the Charitable

Faith, family, enterpreneurism, and skepticism of government translate into generosity.

By Barbara J. Elliot

From Philanthropy magazine, September / October 2006