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Donor Intent

Good Giving from the Grave

How donors and charities can plan wisely to avoid posthumous punch-ups

Big Bets and the Aspiration Gap

What accounts for the difference between what donors want to achieve and where they make their largest gifts?

Going for Broke

How foundations sunset, and the reasons it’s becoming popular

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Clawing Back Donor Intent After It Has Been Lost

Some cautionary examples from the experience of the Daniels Fund—a foundation that managed to reclaim its donor’s intent.

Port in a Storm

When a disaster hits, Americans are eager to open their wallets to help.

Interview with Christopher Oechsli

The president of Atlantic Philanthropies reflects on Chuck Feeney’s legendary generosity, and how to recover donor intent.

Four Brothers and the Apocalypse

A biography of the Koch family offers a fascinating window into their life and philanthropy.

Benefits of a Gift Gone Wrong

Princeton’s failure led the Robertsons’ son Bill and his siblings to make an even greater gift—to the whole country.

Reflections of a Rockefeller

Industrial titan John Rockefeller is an American icon for wealth, fame, and power. His great-granddaughter Eileen currently lives a modest life on a Vermont farm. How she reconciled these two existences is the...

Ideas: Community Foundations at 100

Community foundations were meant to be, as one observer later put it, “an agile servant.”