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Economic Opportunity

Grantmakers Explore Philanthropy Fueling Startup Communities at Roundtable Detroit Conference

More than 50 nonprofit leaders gathered in Detroit from October 3–4 to discuss philanthropy’s role in sparking entrepreneurship.

Philanthropy Examines its Role in Shifting Economic Landscape at Roundtable Conference

Automation, globalization, and other market disruptors are dramatically changing the nature of work in America, threatening to sideline youth and adults with little education and few skills—but opportunities...

Building Builders

A Christian polytechnic university takes after its inventive founder

2 Brothers, A Truck, and Lots of Subs

A pair of entrepreneurs answer the philanthropic call

Interview with Jim Gibbons

Goodwill’s CEO discusses social enterprise and the power of work.

Beware of Blind Spots

An open letter to the Ford Foundation on inequality.

A Gateway to Peace and Prosperity

A Texas couple create a new community to help women exit cycles of abuse.

Good Blue-Collar News That Donors Can Use

Investments in “middle-skill” jobs can open powerful paths to prosperity.

Upskilling and Transformation Take Center Stage at Philanthropy Conference

Foundation representatives and grantmakers from across the country gathered to hear from the nation’s foremost practitioners who are transforming the way community colleges are offering post-secondary...

Why Work Is the Best Charity for the Poor

Poverty is one part economics, one part psychology—work helps both.