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Excellence in Philanthropy

In Memoriam: Terry Kohler

“When do we leave?” was the common refrain of philanthropist Terry Kohler, who passed away on September 20 at the age of 82.

How Philanthropy Bolsters Capitalism

How charitable giving strengthens free enterprise and mobility in the United States.

Briefly Noted

Chicks on camera. Couch-surfing in disaster zones. Teacher’s union fights for facelifts. One million missing Christians.

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Denny Sanford on his $1.4 billion in giving to medical research, physics, and more.

The Power of Science Philanthropy

Why private funding is so important to the experimenting that makes us smarter, healthier, and richer.

Educating Entrepreneurs

Want to increase prosperity by cultivating the next generation of wealth creators? Six things to consider.

The Quiet Man Behind the Computer Revolution

Gordon Moore’s tech vision changed modern times. He wants his giving to change life 10,000 years from now.

A Watchdog with Only One Eye

This very selective “exposé” distorts reality.

No Such Thing as a Free Gift

Is the Gates footprint too big?

President’s Note

Reasons to join us in Charleston.