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Excellence in Philanthropy

Nonprofit Spotlight: Woodlawn Cemetery Preservation Training Program

Old graves offer new vocational possibilities.

Interview with Julian Robertson

The wizard of Wall Street on small-town values, big-city schools, and seeding a new generation of philanthropic leaders.

The Educators

Bruce and Suzie Kovner give to schoolchildren, music students, and policymaking.  Here’s how and why.

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Partners Against Misery

A loyal funder and a visionary took on tenement squalor, and won.

Founding Funders

The story of how American philanthropy built a Jewish homeland.

2 Million Dollars 1 Billion Souls

How an improvising leader and ten donors brought the Bible to unreached peoples.

Philanthropy or Social Activism?

With the valuable pro bono hours they volunteer, lawyers can change lives, or change the country.

Seven Results of the Charter-School Revolution

The most consequential developments after 25 years of charter schools.

Minor Characters

The NEA and NEH have minimal roles in U.S. arts and letters.

Improving Political Diversity on Campus

Can philanthropy help mend our one-party universities?