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We Welcome a New Chairman

Donn Weinberg, the executive vice president and a trustee of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, has been elected as chairman of The Philanthropy Roundtable.

Briefly Noted

Glittering glass out of the ashes. Unions block charters. Life-and-death nonprofit work. Crowdsourcing art. 

Interview with Jacquelline Fuller

The head of on reinventing corporate philanthropy, Silicon Valley culture, and the mission that has driven her career.

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How Private Givers Can Rescue America in an Era of Political Frustration

A roadmap to success, no matter what unfolds in Washington. 

What Next?

Reactions to the roadmap.

Succor, Not Salvation

Philanthropic rescues from a century ago point the way for humanitarians today

Blue-Collar Banking

Two hundred years ago, against governmental opposition, enterprising Americans created mutual savings vehicles to boost the working class.

When Little Is Big

How a $1,000 grant rocked two warring cultures

Males Beyond the Pale

An invisible army of able-bodied men are not working, and getting away with it.

The Art of Being There

One man’s dark childhood sheds light on how to transform lives at risk.