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Philanthropic Freedom

Closing the Marriage Gap

An inventive philanthropic undertaking seeks to strengthen America by bolstering marital ties.

The Art of Public Policy Philanthropy: Donors Go to Court

Hard-won knowledge on how donor-funded litigation can improve our country.

Proposed Regulation Threatens Donor Privacy

The U.S. Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service published proposed regulations that would permit charities to file a new information return with the IRS. But the new return would require the...

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Policing Philanthropy?

Why a new federal bureau for investigating charity is a terrible idea,

High Noon for Charity?

Joanne Florino, The Philanthropy Roundtable’s senior vice president for public policy, responds to NYT op-ed.

Giving Made Easy

Donor-advised funds are bringing new convenience to philanthropy.

Changing Hearts, Minds, and Laws

History shows that donors can have big, healthy effects on public policy—if they are prepared.

Church Tax

Taxing church attendance

Philanthropy’s Dangerous Rival

The clamor for limitless government threatens every private initiative.

No Good Donation Goes Un-Sniped At

Joanne Florino responds to an opinion essay worrying over the private philanthropy behind New York’s planned Pier 55 park.