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Philanthropy Should Embrace Viewpoint Diversity

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Should Giving be Anonymous?

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Ask The Experts: Teacher Appreciation Week? How Teachers Unions Got in the Way

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Innovation in Crisis: How Telehealth Led to Better Care for Veterans During the Pandemic

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Shaq’s Give Local Strategy is a Slam Dunk

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Five Takeaways: Supreme Court Hears Donor Privacy Case AFPF v. Bonta

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People-focused philanthropy is on the way out. A philanthropy that divides is taking over.

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California vs. Charitable Giving

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Four Arguments California Gets Wrong about Donor Privacy in AFPF v. Rodriquez

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Arizona Passes Law to Provide Lawyers for Abused and Abandoned Children

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Meet Dan Flowers of Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank

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Giving While Living: What It Takes to Outlive Your Wealth