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What is Philanthropy Roundtable?

Philanthropy Roundtable, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, helps donors leverage their private resources to strengthen our free society and protects and promotes private philanthropy. Please see our mission statement and guiding principles here.

The Roundtable is supported by generous donors who share our values and principles. We are not a grantmaking organization, and we do not make grants or provide contributions to other organizations or to individuals.


How does the Roundtable Champion Philanthropy?

Philanthropy Roundtable provides donors with 30 years of wisdom and insight about successful philanthropic strategies and tools. By supporting the Roundtable, you become part of an exclusive donor community investing in philanthropic strategies that are replicable, scalable, achieve real results, and align with your philosophical values.

The Roundtable offers our donors a variety of valuable programs and services to help increase the influence of their philanthropy:

  • Dynamic, donor-only meetings to collaborate with philanthropic leaders in a solicitation-free environment;
  • Digestible, actionable publications and briefings on areas of philanthropy that interest you;
  • One-on-one philanthropic consulting services;
  • Advocacy efforts that strengthen the sector and advance philanthropic freedom; and
  • Access to an influential network of like-minded donor peers.

Because of the Roundtable's resources, the members of our network–our supporters—are better equipped to achieve real, long-lasting success with their philanthropy, from which success all Americans benefit.


"Philanthropy is a complex endeavor and it requires much more than good intentions and money. Philanthropy Roundtable has given our foundation a better understanding of the philosophy of philanthropy. We are fortunate such an organization exists to serve us."
—Phyllis Taylor, president and chairman, Patrick F. Taylor Foundation


How do I get involved?

We welcome financial support at any level from people who share our values and principles.

However, in order to facilitate a peer network, attendance at our flagship Annual Meeting is limited to donors who support the Roundtable with a contribution of $1,000 or more and who give away at least $100,000 annually to charitable organizations.

If you have questions about how you can get involved, please get in touch with Windle Jarvis, vice president of development, at or by phone at 202.822.8333.

We look forward welcoming you into our network.