The Inspiring Stories Series: Medical Students in Their Communities

The Inspiring Stories Series: Medical Students in Their Communities

Mar 25, 2021 Debi Ghate

Here at the Philanthropy Roundtable, we represent the largest network of philanthropists who support efforts to advance liberty, opportunity and personal responsibility. As part of that effort, we are especially interested in bringing light to the work being done to help strengthen our communities. We believe strong communities are essential to a flourishing, free society. In this new blog series, we’ll highlight some of the many stories  where people, supported by philanthropy, are quietly doing great things to strengthen their communities. 

We recently hosted a discussion with a group of medical students, whose work outside the classroom and hospital is truly inspiring. They are participating in programs partnering their medical schools with the Kern National Network for Caring & Character in Medicine. The goal of these partnerships is “to promote human flourishing through advancing caring and character in medicine in order to positively impact individuals and communities in our society.” Working directly with medical schools to transform the way medical education is approached is part of the programming.

The medical schools and KNN are supported by generous donors who also share the belief that strong communities are critical and there are many ways for philanthropy to help fill in gaps. During this webinar hosted by the Roundtable in January 2020, we heard from Drs. Cheryl Maurana and Bonnie Miller, leaders overseeing the KNN programs, who shared the framework and goals. 

Then we had a chance to see how the KNN theory works in action! In a series of videos made by the students, the budding doctors shared how they put their knowledge and skills to use solving a problem their communities were facing. Entrepreneurial, creative, engaged and clearly caring, these students shared how they came up with the idea and turned it into a collaborative effort with others, and what they learned in the process. Some of the students also answered questions from the audience.

It was truly inspiring! These future medical practitioners have been diligently doing much more than studying the essentials of medicine and how to be effective in the hospital setting. They are engaged members of their communities, working to make them better.