All Speakers for 2018 National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy

Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson Executive Director ReSchool Colorado, Donnell-Kay Foundation

John Bailey

John Bailey Visiting Fellow American Enterprise Institute

Kristi Baird

Kristi Baird Assistant Superintendent of Catholic Schools Diocese of Memphis

Chris Barbic

Chris Barbic Senior Education Fellow Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Sarah Beal

Sarah Beal Executive Director USPREP National Center

Jim Boyd

Jim Boyd Executive Director The Pyramid Peak Foundation

Lesley Brown

Lesley Brown Director of Human Capital Investments Memphis Education Fund

NeShante Brown

NeShante Brown Executive Director Soulsville Charter School

Maya Bugg

Maya Bugg CEO Tennessee Charter School Center

Kenneth Campbell

Kenneth Campbell Executive Director IDEA Public Public Schools: Southern Louisiana

Sarah Carpenter

Sarah Carpenter Executive Director The Memphis Lift

Staley Cates

Staley Cates Vice Chairman Southeastern Asset Management

Darryl Cobb

Darryl Cobb Partner Charter School Growth Fund

Bill DeLoache

Bill DeLoache Trustee Joe C. Davis Foundation

Tosha Downey

Tosha Downey Director of Advocacy Memphis Education Fund

Romy Drucker

Romy Drucker Co-founder and CEO The 74

Brent Easley

Brent Easley Executive Director TennesseeCAN

Kendra Ferguson

Kendra Ferguson Executive Director KIPP: Memphis Collegiate

Virgina Walden Ford

Virgina Walden Ford Executive Director Parent Information Network

Douglas Foshee

Douglas Foshee Founder and Owner Sallyport Investments, LLC

Terri Lee Freeman

Terri Lee Freeman President National Civil Rights Museum

Jason Gaulden

Jason Gaulden Communications Director America Succeeds

Mark Gleason

Mark Gleason Executive Director Philadelphia School Partnership

Katherine Haley

Katherine Haley Senior Director of K-12 Education Programs

Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall CEO Charter School Growth Fund

Cheryl Brown Henderson

Cheryl Brown Henderson Founding President The Brown Foundation for Educational Equality

Barbara Hyde

Barbara Hyde Chair and CEO Hyde Family Foundation

J.R. (Pitt) Hyde III

J.R. (Pitt) Hyde III Trustee Hyde Family Foundation

Alex Johnston

Alex Johnston Founder and President Impact for Education

Tony Lewis

Tony Lewis Executive Director Donnell-Kay Foundation

Yetta Lewis

Yetta Lewis Co-founder and CEO Gestalt Community Schools

Tom Marino

Tom Marino Director The Poplar Foundation

Lowell Matthews

Lowell Matthews Policy Director, College and Career Pathways Foundation for Excellence in Education

Michelle McKissack

Michelle McKissack Board Member Crosstown High

Adam Meyerson

Adam Meyerson President Emeritus

David Montague

David Montague Founder and Executive Director Memphis Teacher Residency

Natalie Person

Natalie Person Chair, Educational Studies Program and Professor of Psychology Rhodes College

Roger Quarles

Roger Quarles Executive Director J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Foundation

Todd Richardson

Todd Richardson Co-founder; Co-leader Crosstown Arts; Crosstown Concourse

Marcus Robinson

Marcus Robinson CEO Memphis Education Fund

Mary Seawell

Mary Seawell Senior Vice President for Education Gates Family Foundation

Alicia Bondanella Simon

Alicia Bondanella Simon Director of Membership FADICA

Teresa Sloyan

Teresa Sloyan President Hyde Family Foundation

Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson Director of Education The Pyramid Peak Foundation

Germaine Thurman

Germaine Thurman Member; Chief Academic Officer Harmony Charter Network; Memphis Business Academy

Glenda Yarbrough

Glenda Yarbrough Program Director The Poplar Foundation