David Durocher

David Durocher is managing director of The Other Side Academy (TOSA), a two-year life training academy in Salt Lake City. Mr. Durocher helped launch TOSA in 2015. He was arrested for the first time at age 13. By age 38, he had been to prison four times for a total of 15 years. Arrested yet again and facing a 29-year prison sentence, the judge offered him “the chance of a lifetime. He afforded Mr. Durocher the opportunity to go to Delancey Street, a residential” self-help organization for those who have hit bottom but reminded him in no uncertain terms that if he did not complete his commitment at Delancey Street, he would spend the rest of his life in prison. Mr. Durocher not only completed his initial two-year commitment, he stayed for a total of eight years and became managing director of the Los Angeles facility, overseeing hundreds of residents and several vocational training school businesses.