For generations, veterans organizations have been heavily involved in civic education, teaching young people about the American values and principles they served to defend. These organizations have provided opportunities for veterans to exercise civic leadership by serving their communities in numerous ways. Unfortunately, their connection—along with the participation in civic associations—has been on the decline. Consequently, many Americans have been left without a firm understanding of their own country’s history and political institutions.

Please join us for Civic Education, Civic Leadership, and Veterans, a half-day virtual conference on Tuesday, November 10, from 1:00 - 4:30 p.m. EST on the important role of veterans in civic leadership and civic education, and how the philanthropic community can restore veterans as invaluable community assets.

During this event we will hear from and engage with some of the country’s top individuals dedicated to deploying veterans as civic leaders and ambassadors for strong civic education, including Dylan Dalzatto (Joe Foss Veterans Inspiring Patriotism Program), Mike Erwin (Team Red White and Blue), and Tim Carney (author of Alienated America).

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