VIDEO: The Hannah’s – A Marriage Healed

Culture of Freedom supporters equip churches with tools to save marriages in crisis.

VIDEO: Dee Garcia – A Journey Back to Faith

Culture of Freedom supporters help churches develop evangelization programs to grow their ranks. 

VIDEO: Kelsy and Mike – A Return to Faith

Culture of Freedom supporters help pastors develop strategies to reach the “un-churched.” 

VIDEO: Julian Cano – Laying the Foundation for a Healthy Marriage

Family breakdown drives social disintegration. Culture of Freedom donors are developing strategies to get ahead of the problem.

After five formative years as a project of The Philanthropy Roundtable, the Culture of Freedom Initiative is now Communio. The initiative identifies and scales proven strategies that boost the habits that give rise to human flourishing: strong families and strong faith. 

Visit the Communio website or contact President and CEO J.P. de Gance to learn more.