Campaign Launched to Reduce Out-of-Wedlock Birth in Phoenix

A PSA campaign launched in September 2017 and is running through 2018 to reduce overall out-of-wedlock birth in Phoenix, Arizona.

The MarriageB4Carriage campaign, organized by COFI partner Family Bridges, has targeted Phoenix zip codes with the highest out-of-wedlock birth rates. The strategy is targeting 17-28 year olds with face-to-face education and a digital micro-targeting ad push.

The campaign is seeking to roll back out of wedlock birth to year 2005 levels. Currently, 659 people have finished one of two different courses that teach the "Success Sequence" highlighting the importance of getting a diploma, getting a job, getting married, and then having kids—all in that order—to avoid poverty. More than 237,000 in these neighborhoods have seen the campaign. This grassroots course is expanding in 2018.


Growing Family Breakdown is Creating a Permanent Underclass




The adverse consequences of out-of-wedlock parenthood are well-documented:






"MarriageB4Carriage" campaign strategy

MarriageB4Carriage is backed by $200,000 in social media and digital advertising, focusing on Phoenicians in the 17-28 range. Digital ads taglines include phrases like "Take Baby Steps," "Start Him Off on the Right Foot," and "Help Her Reach Great Heights." The initiative is investing $120,000 to organize traditional classroom settings in churches, high schools, and community colleges.





"MarriageB4Carriage" online video ads.



Initial Results

Before seeing these ads, a majority of high school educated millennials said "no" to the following question: Do you believe it is best for children to be raised by a married mother and father who are living in the same home?

After seeing the ads, those who answered "yes" increased by 28 points. Individuals are spending an average of 4 minutes and 36 seconds on the website ( reading and reviewing the content, and engaging with Family Bridges.