Creating Smart Ministry

Big Data Now Informs Church and Nonprofit Sector to Focus Help on Those Who Need it Most


Amazon, Google, Apple, political campaigns in both parties, and the largest advertising agencies have used Big Data and predictive modeling to gain customers, sell products, and sway voters.

Because of the Culture of Freedom Initiative, churches and local ministries now have access to this breakthrough technology allowing them to focus their ministry on those who need it most. While protecting privacy concerns, churches can reach those struggling with substance abuse, financial insolvency, or who fit a predictive model for divorce or single parenthood.

The data insights tool can help churches identify those most emotionally favorable to an invitation to attend church and who are least likely to be currently attending.

These organizations receive free access to the data insights tool and marketing dollars to reach audiences identified in the data. Church and local partners will later choose to pay for a subscription to the ongoing service. Revenue is then reinvested in scaling into new communities.


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The Insights from Big Data can Now Inform the Hands of Ministry

Below is a visual representation of the web-based "data insights tool" now available to church pastors and nonprofit executives who partner with the Culture of Freedom Initiative.


Data Insights Tool