COVID-19, the National Economy, and Mental Health

Key takeaways from a discussion of the effects of COVID-19 on the national economy and its relation to rising rates of diseases and deaths of despair.

Addressing Health-Care Worker Burnout

Family foundations around the country meet the acute needs of health workers during the pandemic.

Ludwig Family Foundation donates to Yale School of Medicine

A gift from the Ludwig Family Foundation has jumpstarted COVID-related research by Yale School of Medicine scientists.

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation donates $2.2M

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has donated $2.2M for COVID Causes in the Washington area, including $1.2M for PPE.

The Philanthropy Roundtable's Health Program explores strategies donors can support to help Americans achieve better health and wellbeing, with a focus on mental health, medical education, and innovation in health and health care.


A New Frame of Mind

Philanthropy's Role in Mental Health's Evolving Landscape

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