Philanthropy and the Future of American Health Care

The Roundtable's new Health Program will develop communities of philanthropists who support ground-up change to improve the health and well-being of Americans through the power of innovation. We support all efforts to improve health, but place particular emphasis on fortifying underserved communities. This exciting new philanthropic venture will center around three key areas:



The Roundtable will help funders identify social entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions in prevention, treatment, and technology and advance policy that encourages innovation, supporting initiatives such as the scaling back of certificate of need laws and government mandates.


Mental Health

Deaths of despair—from substance abuse, suicide, and alcohol-related disease—doubled between 2000 and 2015, and, if left unchecked, are predicted to double again in the next decade. The Roundtable is convening philanthropists to better define philanthropy's role in addressing this crisis.



Coalitions of dedicated leaders working together have the power to bring about transformational change. The Roundtable will gather funders who are empowering change agents at schools of medicine and nursing.


Visit the Health Program page here.