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On February 5th, The Philanthropy Roundtable's director of health programs, Anna Bobb, hosted a call with Elizabeth Fowler, director and executive vice president of the Triad Foundation, and Scott Strode, founder and national executive director of The Phoenix. The call centered around addiction, healing, and replicable recovery programs that are transforming people's lives.

It highlighted a sober active community, The Phoenix, that harnesses the transformative power of sports and community to help those who have suffered from substance abuse. Since 2007, over 26,000 people have come to The Phoenix to participate in its free program. Originally launched in Boulder, Colorado, the program has expanded into communities across the U.S., including Denver, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Costa Mesa, Boise, Billings, and many more. Elizabeth and Scott discussed their collaboration to bring The Phoenix to Tampa and how this model can be replicated across the country.

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Elizabeth Fowler
Director and Executive Vice President, Triad Foundation

FowlerElizabeth (Park) Fowler is director and executive vice president of the Triad Foundation. Ms. Fowler worked in the corporate banking division of Bank of America in Tampa, Florida for 13 years. Upon the formation on the Park Foundation Inc. in 1995 (funded by the late Roy H. Park), Ms. Fowler resigned from Bank of America as a senior vice president to serve as a director and the treasurer of Park Foundation, and was responsible for the investment of the Park Foundation assets. In 2003, the Park Foundation was split into two foundations. Elizabeth now serves as a director and the treasurer of the Triad Foundation with $280M in assets. In Tampa, Ms. Fowler is very active in nonprofit work and is currently serving on the several local nonprofit boards, including Frameworks of Tampa Bay, Academy Prep of Tampa, and the ZooTampa Endowment Board. She and her husband Troy (also a director of the Triad Foundation) have started numerous initiatives in Tampa, including the founding of Frameworks, the addition of a new chapter of the Positive Coaching Alliance in Tampa Bay, the expansion of the First Tee program, and now the launching of The Phoenix in Tampa. Ms. Fowler graduated from UNC – Chapel Hill with a degree in business administration.



Scott Strode
Founder and National Executive Director, The Phoenix

StrodeScott Strode is founder and national executive director of The Phoenix. He found sobriety on April 8, 1997 and credits getting involved with boxing and climbing as the most influential factors in his sobriety. He has since developed a passion for mountain biking, CrossFit, triathlons, running, cycling, motorcycle touring, and almost anything that gets him outside. He launched The Phoenix in Colorado in 2006, based on his personal experience that a healthy lifestyle has a transformative effect on long-term sobriety. Mr. Strode strongly believes that a sober active community helps individuals rise, recover, and live through the power of fitness and community. To recognize his substance use disorder recovery work, Mr. Strode was named a Top 10 CNN Hero in 2012, and received the “Advocates for Action Award” from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy in 2014. Mr. Strode is certified or held certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer NASM, USA Triathlon level II Certified Coach, AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor, Wilderness First Responder, CPR and has been working, instructing, coaching and guiding in the outdoors for the past two decades.



Click here to watch Scott's TEDxMileHigh talk or visit for more information.


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