Privacy as a Philanthropic Pillar

Why givers prize the right to be anonymous

America's Givers are Disappearing

Three recent studies show an alarming decline in the number of givers over the past decade.

White Paper: Protecting Donor Privacy

Philanthropic Freedom, Anonymity and the First Amendment

Beyond Philanthropy Podcast: Foundation Transparency

Dr. Bob Reid, CEO of the JF Maddox Foundation, explains his concept of the three types of transparency among foundations. 

The mission of the Alliance for Charitable Reform is the protection of philanthropic freedom—the right of Americans to choose how and where to spend their charitable assets. A project of The Philanthropy Roundtable, ACR educates legislators and policymakers about the central role of private charitable giving in American life and the dangers of legislative or political measures that would weaken or constrain the philanthropic freedom that makes such giving possible.