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Citizenship Knowledge for Students Entering Adulthood

The Joe Foss Institute and partners, including its affiliated Civics Proficiency Institute (CPI), have inspired more than 30 states to require that, to graduate from high school, students must study civics and pass some form of the U.S. civics exam given to immigrants seeking citizenship. This first-step strategy restores civics to its place among the core disciplines that are critical for educated Americans. The Institute uses this lever to encourage further professional development of teachers, and provides lesson plans and an interactive online curriculum that promote deeper understanding of civics concepts. In Spring 2019 alone, legislatures in at least seven states have been addressing civic education, including proposals to institute or expand the citizenship exam requirement.


Joe Foss Institute

Scottsdale, AZ

Annual budget (with CPI): $1.5 million

Chief Academic Officer: Lucian Spataro Jr.


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