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Civil Discourse

From inside academia, Heterodox Academy and its 2,500 members advocate for high-quality research and teaching that avoid academic and political bias. Its membership spans the political spectrum.

Founder: Jonathan Haidt, New York University. Executive Director: Debra Mashek, 646.992.3730

Heterodox Academy spun off OpenMind in January 2019 as “a free, interactive, psychology- based platform designed to foster intellectual humility, empathy, and mutual understanding across a variety of differences” with the goal of depolarizing American communities.

Among many additional organizations addressing hyperpolarization, leading practitioners with a neutral or freedom-oriented mission are:


  • Better Angels (New York, NY) including college-oriented programs through Better Angels Debates. Contact: David Blankenhorn, President, 212.246.3942.
  • The Policy Circle (Wilmette, IL) focusing on empowering women to take part in policy discussions. Contact: Sylvie Légère Ricketts, President, 847.687.7864.
  • The Association of Former Members of Congress (Washington, D.C.) a congressionally chartered nonprofit, which always brings both a Democrat and a Republican to campus and community events. Contact: Peter M.Weichlein, CEO, 202.222.0972.
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