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Constitutional Experts on Video

The United States Capitol Historical Society, in partnership with NBC, now offers ten engaging videos and interviews in a We the People collection. Viewers get a tour of the White House, Capitol, Supreme Court, and National Archives from U.S. legislators, judges, and scholars from across the political spectrum as they discuss the branches of the federal government.

Prager University’s many offerings include five-minute videos on constitutional topics such as the Electoral College and federalism and on historical figures such as Frederick Douglass. PragerU counts billions of total views across all videos.

With about 30 experts, historical actors, and people on the street, the Free to Choose Network explores contentious issues in American history and today through the lens of the Constitution in A More or Less Perfect Union, hosted by Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg. The three-hour series will be distributed by PBS in early 2020.


United States Capitol Historical Society

Washington, D.C.

Annual budget: $3 million

President/CEO: Jane Campbell



Prager University

Sherman Oaks, CA

Annual budget: $23 million

President: Dennis Prager



Free to Choose Network

Erie, PA

President and CEO: Robert Chatfield


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