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The Administrative State

Several organizations are leading educational and litigation efforts regarding the large impact and constitutional status of the administrative state—the part of the executive branch that issues regulations and enforces its own rules in the place of the other branches of government. These organizations provide the public, scholars, and the courts with key information about how the branches of the U.S. federal government were set up in the Constitution and how they operate today.


  • The Pacific Legal Foundation (Sacramento, CA) educates and litigates on the administrative state through the Center for the Separation of Powers, focusing on both federal and state issues. It also convenes strategy conferences on the administrative state. Contact: Steven Anderson, President and CEO, 916.419.7111.

  • The New Civil Liberties Alliance (Washington, D.C.) was founded in 2017 for education and litigation about the administrative state. Contact: Philip Hamburger, President, 202.869.5210.

  • The C. Boyden Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State (Arlington,VA) at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School publishes significant legal scholarship about the administrative state. Contact: Adam J. White, Executive Director, 703.993.9556.

  • The Competitive Enterprise Institute (Washington, D.C.) annually surveys the size, scope, cost, and other results of federal regulations in its Ten Thousand Commandments report. Contact: Kent Lassman, President, 202.331.1010.

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