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Top Classical and Charter School Approaches to Civics

The Great Hearts Academies network of nearly 30 public charters in Arizona and Texas takes a classical liberal arts approach to K-12 education, including Great Books education, focus on ideas of truth, goodness, and beauty, and promotion of personal and civic virtue. The Institute for Classical Education aims to serve Great Hearts and more than 500 other K-12 classical schools across the country through higher education partnerships. Understanding America’s core documents and principles is a common priority for classical schools, including a number of charter networks. Please contact the Roundtable or the Institute for Classical Education for information on leading schools and networks in your region of interest.


Great Hearts Academies

Phoenix, AZ


San Antonio, TX


Annual budget, all schools and programs: $140 million

Chief Academic Officer of Great Hearts America and Director of the Institute for Classical Education: Robert L. Jackson


Great Hearts Foundation

President: Daniel Scoggin



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