Get Help Protecting Donor Intent


We believe that respect for donor intent is essential to philanthropic integrity. It is a core responsibility of all philanthropists to define as clearly as possible what they intend their charitable giving to achieve—particularly if the disbursement is to occur after their lifetimes. We likewise believe that it is a core responsibility of those entrusted with disbursing charitable assets to dispose of them in a manner consistent with the wishes of the original benefactor.

The Philanthropy Roundtable is committed to preserving, strengthening, and celebrating the principle of donor intent. To that end, we publish a range of materials, from practical, how-to guides for living donors to principled justifications of donor intent. We also host meetings where successful individuals can discuss with peers their thinking about donor intent. In many cases, we provide customized individual consultation.

JoanneTo take the next step in protecting your donor intent, we invite you to email Joanne Florino.