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By : Adam Meyerson

Support for veterans and military families is an evolving field of American charitable assistance, and The Philanthropy Roundtable is proud to have been an early leader in its development. We established a dedicated program in this area in 2012 and hired Thomas Meyer to advise and guide the many donors expressing interest in taking up this work. In 2013 we published Serving Those Who Served, a guidebook for donors that was one of the first methodical assessments of the work most needed in this field, and the charities offering promising services. Many conferences, articles, and extended individual consultations have followed. 

Five years on, we are pleased to publish this new guidebook—which profiles more than 15 exemplary givers who are helping former servicemembers launch productive, healthy, and happy civilian lives. Each donor is profiled in some depth. Their stories will help you better understand the real needs of veterans, and what hard experience has indicated to be the best ways of helping them. The comments of these leading philanthropists throw valuable light on the satisfactions, pitfalls, and high potential of this corner of philanthropic service.

This guidebook also includes a collection of vital statistics that donors can consult to inform their giving. There are many myths and sentimental misnomers swirling around the question of what today’s new veterans most require as they enter civilian life. The factual information at the back of this volume will help you develop a clearer picture of the true needs—and potential—of these impressive men and women. It also shows what government agencies are doing for veterans. Much of that public assistance is ineffective, and this book is full of suggestions on ways to fill gaps so that new veterans will thrive. We are grateful to the Anschutz Foundation for being a pioneer funder of The Philanthropy Roundtable’s work to aid veterans.

The Anschutz family was crucial in helping us found this program and build it into the nation’s best of its kind. Christian Anschutz, who has led his family’s effort in this area, has written the introduction to this book. We also want to acknowledge the following funders for generous, timely, indispensable support of our organization’s services for veterans: the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, Kovner Foundation, Laura and John Arnold Foundation, Daniels Fund, Milbank Foundation, Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Marcus Foundation, J. A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, Morgridge Family Foundation, Ahmanson Foundation, Heinz Endowments, Wilf Family Foundations, Paul E. Singer Foundation, Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation, F. M. Kirby Foundation, AIG, I. A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation, Achelis & Bodman Foundations, USAA Foundation, and Cohen Veterans Network. We thank researcher Ric Arthur for joining Thomas Meyer in interviews with some of the philanthropists in this book and turning some of that information into background drafts. Researcher Ashley May made similar contributions.

The Philanthropy Roundtable exists to help American donors pursue their charitable goals as effectively as possible. If there is some way we can assist you in refining your giving, elevating fellow men and women, and strengthening our free society, please let us know. And let us know at or 202.822.8333 if you have colleagues you would like to receive copies of this book. (Print and electronic versions are also available at major online bookstores.) Adam Meyerson President The Philanthropy Roundtable

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