Foundation Builders: Brief Biographies of Twelve Great Philanthropists

By: Martin Morse Wooster
Published: Jan 2000
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Many of the famous foundations that exist today were started by donors who, though well known in their day, were not known for their views on philanthropy. As author Martin Morse Wooster writes in the preface to this newest Roundtable guidebook, “newcomers to philanthropy learn early that there are many old, well-established foundations whose founders are little known. The Guggenheim Museum, for example, is well-respected in the art world, but few know who Solomon R. Guggenheim was or how the Guggenheims made their money.” The Foundation Builders includes chapters on famous philanthropists like the Guggenheims, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller Sr., Andrew Mellon, and J. Howard Pew, but it also looks at lesser-known donors like George Eastman and J. Paul Getty.