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Must See

Does Philanthropy Need to be More Woke?

Patrice Lee Onwuka, adjunct senior fellow with The Philanthropy Roundtable, writes in the Washington Examiner that today's social justice movement aims not for the equality sought by Martin Luther King Jr., but for equity, which leads to special treatment for some groups over others. Read more



What If ...? Liberal, Libertarian, and Conservative Takes on the US Constitution
January 27 at 2 p.m. EST

Last year, the National Constitution Center, with generous support from Jeff Yass, commissioned a constitution-drafting project that brought together leading conservative, progressive, and libertarian scholars to draft their ideal versions of a new constitution. Join Debi Ghate, vice president of strategy and innovation at The Philanthropy Roundtable, as she speaks with Jeff Yass to discuss the inspirations and origins of this landmark project. Jeffrey Rosen, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center, will then moderate a panel with the drafting team leaders—Caroline Fredrickson of team progressive, Ilya Shapiro of team libertarian, and Ilan Wurman of team conservative—to discuss how they drafted their constitutions and where the project should go next. Register here



On Demand

Building the Ladder to Upward Mobility

How can donors decode employer demands and skillsets that ultimately translate to students gaining real work experience and credentialing from relevant learning models? Watch now


At the Roundtable

We're hiring!

The Philanthropy Roundtable is currently seeking highly skilled individuals for four new positions:

  • Senior Director of Programs to manage a dynamic team of program directors, officers, and associates committed to supporting a robust movement of donors who share our principles and want to invest their philanthropy in strengthening a free society. View the full job description here.
  • Project and Research Coordinator to handle details for several internal processes in which the vice president of strategy and innovation is a player, including editorial meetings, content and conference proposals, and measurement and tracking of key strategic-plan metrics. View the full job description here.
  • Development Assistant to help the organization meet and exceed its fundraising goals by building a community of donors aligned with—and committed to—our guiding principles. View the full job description  here.
  • Director of Talent Management to help with strategy and execution for recruiting and retaining top talent in a growing organization. View the full job description here.

Get connected

The Roundtable is actively growing our community of philanthropists who share in our mission to advance liberty, opportunity, and personal responsibility and to defend philanthropic freedom. If you are interested in connecting with like-minded philanthropists, engaging directly with Roundtable experts and resources, or joining exclusive Roundtable gatherings across the United States, contact Catherine Harris, assistant director of individual giving 202.600.7881), to learn how to get involved.

Can We Talk About It?
We’re launching a brand-new podcast covering the difficult subjects that are relevant to philanthropy today. Keep an eye out for our official launch in February, when host Debi Ghate will interview Ayaan Hirsi Ali of the Hoover Institution, Bret Stephens of The New York Times, and more. Watch a short clip of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Debi Ghate discussing the inspiration behind the podcast here.




  • Congress Continues Campaign to Chill Political Speech  by Roundtable Adjunct Senior Fellow Patrice Lee Onwuka. Read more.
  • “Foundation Payout Decisions and the Folly of One-Size-Fits-All Mandates” by Roundtable Adam Meyerson Distinguished Fellow in Philanthropic Excellence Joanne Florino. Read more.
  • “The Left Wants a Philanthropy of the Few by Roundtable President and CEO Elise Westhoff. Read more.


  • Jeff Bezos, Cancel Culture, and Charitable Giving in America by Roundtable Senior Executive Fellow Howard Husock in FOXBusiness. Read more.

Policy Update

Defending the Freedom to Give in 2021

Generous donors are under attack from those who would mandate how and when they support the causes they care about, as well as by those who would threaten their safety by forcing the public disclosure of their charitable gifts. How will philanthropic freedom fare under a new administration and a changed Congress? Our experts—Kristina Rasmussen, Sandra Swirski, Christie Herrera, and Joanne Florino—explain the threats to charitable giving in a period of continued crisis.  Watch now.

News & Opinion

Save the Constitution From Big Tech
"Congressional threats and inducements make Twitter and Facebook censorship a free-speech violation," write Vivek Ramaswamy and Jed Rubenfeld in The Wall Street JournalRead more.

SCOTUS to Take up Donor Disclosure Appeal
"On Jan. 8, the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would hear an appeal involving a California law requiring nonprofits to disclose their donors’ identities to the state’s attorney general."  Read more in Ballotpedia News.

Donor Privacy at the Supreme Court
"Xavier Becerra’s policy on nonprofits is in the dock." Read more in The Wall Street Journal.

Did you know?
77% of Americans agree with the statement, "It is in my power to
improve the welfare of others, by personally giving or volunteering."

Source: The Almanac of American Philanthropy