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Check out this video from the 2021 Virtual Summit on K-12 Education, which took place in February. For more great K-12 content, join us for the 2021 National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy, September 12-14 in San Antonio, Texas!

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What About The Kids? Advances In Protecting the Rights of Children
June 10 at 2 p.m. ET

Children are precious and deserve fierce protection. Yet our existing child welfare and juvenile justice systems are failing to protect our country’s most vulnerable. Join the experts fighting on the front lines for the rights of children in a conversation moderated by the Roundtable’s Debi Ghate:  Frank Cervone (Support Center for Child Advocates),  Jake Horowitz (Public Safety Performance Project) and  Tim Keller (Gen Justice).

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Interview with Carrie Tynan, Executive Director, Adolph Coors Foundation

In this episode, Carrie Tynan, a fifth-generation executive director of the Adolph Coors Foundation joins Debi Ghate to discuss the increasing criticisms and amplified calls for regulation of foundations. They discuss the realities of earning a position in a family foundation, founder Bill Coors’ intent and the foundation’s decision to support nonprofits based on mission and outcomes, rather than the outward identities of the people they serve.

Up next: William Jacobson, lawyer, Cornell Law School professor, and blogger

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The Roundtable is excited to introduce Erica Haines, program director. Erica most recently served as the program manager at the Stand Together Foundation. Welcome, Erica!

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This session from the Roundtable's 2020 Annual Meeting gave an important legislative update on donor privacy protection. Watch now.

For more impactful sessions like this, register for the 2021 Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs, CO, October 13-15!

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News & Opinion

"Robert F. Smith’s Philanthropy Has Lasting Impact on Morehouse Students Lives, Sparks Additional Funding" by Black Enterprise
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"One Way Wealthy People Changed their Charitable Giving During the pandemic" by MarketWatch
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Did you know?

May is Military Appreciation Month
"Obtaining the right mental health care is often difficult for veterans since the private sector frequently lacks the military cultural competency needed to care for them. A breakthrough on this front occurred during the pandemic as telehealth provided veterans with increased access to care."

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