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  • A Gateway to Peace and Prosperity

    July 2016

    Anne Snyder

    A Texas couple create a new community to help women exit cycles of abuse.

  • The Power of Science Philanthropy

    July 2016

    Karl Zinsmeister

    Why private funding is so important to the experimenting that makes us smarter, healthier, and richer.

  • Closing the Marriage Gap

    July 2016

    Heather Wilhelm

    An inventive philanthropic undertaking seeks to strengthen America by bolstering marital ties.

  • Sports vs. Breakdown

    April 2016

    Ashley May , Marques Chavez , Andrea Scott

    We profile four grassroots ventures that attack community demons with play and discipline—using sports to draw young people into more wholesome and productive lives. 

  • A Different Kind of TV Network

    April 2016

    Jarom McDonald

    In search of virtuous entertainment 

  • Call of the Wild

    April 2016

    Naomi Schaefer Riley

    A marriage of market-based conversation and treetop acrobatics helps kids succeed in school. 

  • The Passion and Pitfalls of Giving to College Sports

    April 2016

    John Feinstein

    Boone Pickens, Phil Knight, Kevin Plank, and many other donors are putting big bucks into college athletics. What are they getting in return?

  • How Philanthropy Fuels American Success

    January 2016

    Karl Zinsmeister

    This exclusive excerpt from The Almanac of American Philanthropy details how America's deep culture of private giving keeps our nation thriving. 

  • Madisonian, and Not Going to Take It Any More!

    October 2015

    Scott Walter

    By the standards of the $9 billion William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, its Madison Initiative is not (yet) a large project. But Larry Kramer, president since 2012, has been aiming toward something like it for many years.

  • Higher Ed, Lower Costs

    October 2015

    Anne Snyder

    An e-learning entrepreneur brings cut-rate practical degrees to far-flung corners of the world. 

  • Going for Broke

    October 2015

    Joanne Florino

    How foundations sunset, and the reasons it’s becoming popular. 

  • Laying Foundations for Change

    October 2015

    Who says bricks-and-mortar philanthropy isn’t effective?

  • Asking Tough Questions

    October 2015

    Ashley May

    The William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership honors David Weekley: homebuilder, charity-grower, and hard-nosed inquisitor

  • Home, Land, Security

    October 2015

    Adam Sawyer

    Pierre Omidyar discovers that property rights are the key to helping the poor. 

  • War, Peace, Philanthropy

    July 2015

    James Carafano

    Following U.S. forces and State Department officers into some of the toughest areas of the world, Spirit of America delivers private assistance intended to complement their work and advance U.S. interests.

  • From Big Success to Local Succor

    July 2015

    Carrie Besnette Hauser, Walter Isaacson

    How one donor found satisfaction in helping a unique community. 

  • Labeled Disabled

    July 2015

    Cheryl Miller, Thomas Meyer

    A government system rates veterans as incapable, but philanthropy can change that. 

  • Just What the Doctor Ordered

    July 2015

    Justin Torres

    Purpose-driven organizations help veterans transition to civilian life. 

  • Changing of the Guard

    July 2015

    Timothy Carney

    Where are the old-line veterans’ charities headed?

  • Madison Avenue Mercies

    April 2015

    Nicholas Kristof , Sheryl WuDunn

    The virtues of advertising, overhead, and other wicked ways of doing good.