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  • Home, Land, Security

    October 2015

    Adam Sawyer

    Pierre Omidyar discovers that property rights are the key to helping the poor. 

  • War, Peace, Philanthropy

    July 2015

    James Carafano

    Following U.S. forces and State Department officers into some of the toughest areas of the world, Spirit of America delivers private assistance intended to complement their work and advance U.S. interests.

  • From Big Success to Local Succor

    July 2015

    Carrie Besnette Hauser, Walter Isaacson

    How one donor found satisfaction in helping a unique community. 

  • Labeled Disabled

    July 2015

    Cheryl Miller, Thomas Meyer

    A government system rates veterans as incapable, but philanthropy can change that. 

  • Just What the Doctor Ordered

    July 2015

    Justin Torres

    Purpose-driven organizations help veterans transition to civilian life. 

  • Changing of the Guard

    July 2015

    Timothy Carney

    Where are the old-line veterans’ charities headed?

  • Madison Avenue Mercies

    April 2015

    Nicholas Kristof , Sheryl WuDunn

    The virtues of advertising, overhead, and other wicked ways of doing good.

  • Giving Made Easy

    April 2015

    Joanne Florino

    Donor-advised funds are bringing new convenience to philanthropy.

  • Stronger Together

    April 2015

    Evan Sparks

    Donors are increasingly using expert intermediaries to bundle and target their giving.

  • A New Way to Serve

    April 2015

    Ashley May

    Venture for America is bringing entrepreneurial vim and vigor to unexpected corners of our country.

  • Micro Lending, Major Impact

    April 2015

    Marques Chavez

    How the maker of SweetTARTS is combining friendship and capital in one tangy dose.

  • Alms Alchemy

    April 2015

    Liz Essley Whyte

    The National Christian Foundation’s ability to turn unusual contributions to gold is creating a new trove of generosity.

  • Business Marries Charity

    April 2015

    Howard Husock

    The hopes and hazards of bringing market mechanisms to philanthropy.

  • Heartland Art

    January 2015

    James Panero

    A new exhibit at Alice Walton's Crystal Bridges Museum showcases the full range of American artistry. 

  • Patriots and Papers

    January 2015

    Marques Chavez

    Philanthropists fulfill George Washington's dying wish and build a Presidential library at his Mount Vernon home.

  • A Tribute to Life

    January 2015

    Andrea Scott

    With major support from Tad Taube, the Polin Museum honors a millennium of Jewish history. 

  • Museums Across America

    January 2015

    A creative cornucopia of galleries from math to space to baseball is brought to the public by the generosity of donors. 

  • The Dinosaur Discoverer

    January 2015

    Ari N. Schulman

    How a misfit revolutionized paleontology—with a big boost from philanthropy. 

  • The Power of Ownership

    January 2015

    John Murdock

    Fighting poverty from the ground up. 

  • Suing for Reform

    October 2014

    Ashley May

    An education donor went to court; will other givers and other causes follow?