Spring 2016

The Passion and Pitfalls of Giving to College Sports
By: John Feinstein
Spring 2016 -

Boone Pickens, Phil Knight, Kevin Plank, and many other donors are putting big bucks into college athletics. What are they getting in return?

Sports vs. Breakdown
By: Ashley May, Marques Chavez, et al.
Spring 2016 -

We profile four grassroots ventures that attack community demons with play and discipline—using sports to draw young people into more wholesome and productive lives. 

A Different Kind of TV Network
By: Jarom McDonald
Spring 2016 -

In search of virtuous entertainment 

Call of the Wild
By: Naomi Schaefer Riley
Spring 2016 -

A marriage of market-based conversation and treetop acrobatics helps kids succeed in school. 

President's Note
Spring 2016 -

Inviting Your Response. 

Briefly Noted
Spring 2016 -

De Blasio’s funding fantasy. A billion for charters. Newspaper nonprofit? Tough teacher ratings work. Smart brain philanthropy. Inner-city chess, a book prize, and Superman in a workhouse. 

Are College Sports Out of Control?
Spring 2016 -

Gilbert Gaul argues in his new book, Billion-Dollar Ball, that athletic programs at a number of major universities have become so lucrative that it should be questioned whether they deserve to be considered part of higher education and entitled to various benefits.

Redefining Usury
Spring 2016 -

How a self-interested banker helped millions of people prosper. In this book review we learn about Jacob Fugger, who lived from 1459 to 1525, and the ways he powerfully nudged the modern world into existence.

Peggy Guggenheim: The Shock of the Modern
Spring 2016 -

The poor Guggenheim. 

The Art of Public-Policy Philanthropy: Fighting for School Reform
Spring 2016 -

Featuring Chester Finn, John Kirtley, Fred Klipsch, Betsy DeVos, and Thomas Carroll. 

Interview with Gordon Gund
Spring 2016 -

He’s been blind since 1970, but is lighting a path to prevention and cures for fellow sufferers. 

Nonprofit Spotlight: SquashBusters
Spring 2016 -

Urban squash. It’s about sports, not gardening, and has become a successful way to help low-income children succeed in school, college, and work.

Interview with Eva Moskowitz
Spring 2016 -

How this hard-charging leader of school reform accomplishes miracles.