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A Giving Classic

…other institutions on markets or constituencies that cripple their capacity to take the long view and to bring a competent and disinterested approach to the search for complex problems.” Nielsen…

A Mild View of Philanthropy preview

A Mild View of Philanthropy

…sector is crucial, Buchanan insists. Conflating the two can lead to public- policy decisions that hurt nonprofits. It can draw donors into a fruitless search for “a simple universal performance measure” that…

Carnegie Bolsters Scottish Universities

Andrew Carnegie, one of the fathers of modern philanthropy, was born in Scotland. When industrialization crippled his father’s handloom business, the Carnegie family emigrated to America in search of a…

A World Vision

…Pierce, as his daughter wrote years later, “went to China a young man in search of adventure, but came home a man with a mission.” Today, the humanitarian mission he…

A Firm Foundation for Charters

…moments when Berlin’s team almost threw in the towel, but a couple board members stepped forward with seven-figure commitments to keep the search and fundraising alive for almost five years….

Spoleto Festival USA

…same experience to America, and got other composers and music-lovers on board. A search led them to Charleston, South Carolina, as the perfect city in terms of setting and amenities….

Saving Free Speech

search of the best solutions to problems. Funders of the anti-polarization charity Braver Angels are trying to build what they call “patriotic empathy” across our political divides. Other donors ranging…

Universities and Identity Politics

…fairness and achievement; the search for justice in an inherently unjust world. Philanthropists have one great Hippocratic duty in this situation: Don’t make things worse by funding the supercilious ignorance…