Board of Directors

Fred Klipsch

Board Member

Fred Klipsch is chairman of the Hoosiers for Quality Education in Indianapolis. He has spent his life building successes in the business world and is now working to ensure success in the classroom. In 1989, he and his wife, Judy, purchased Klipsch, a small premium boutique domestic loudspeaker company. Over the next 22 years, Mr. Klipsch, as chairman and CEO, and Judy, as vice chairman, expanded its product offerings to include only high-performance products for listening to music and movies, eventually becoming the number one high-performance line sold in the United States and a leader in the global market. In the 1990s, he became involved in efforts to provide low-income students with scholarships to help them escape failing public schools and attend effective private schools. Mr. Klipsch serves as chairman of Hoosiers for Quality Education and provides oversight to the Institute for Quality Education and the Network for Quality Education. Collaborating with political and business leaders as well as education activists, Mr. Klipsch has worked to help enact a series of major initiatives including the expansion of educational choice through the establishment of both a voucher and tax credit scholarship program, merit pay for teachers, school accountability standards and charter-school expansion.