Summer Issue of Philanthropy Magazine

How philanthropists are helping rev stalled economic engines

How Philanthropy Fuels America – New Video

A 34-minute version of Karl Zinsmeister’s popular illustrated talk on the power of private giving in shaping America. Live from the City Club of Cleveland.

Don’t Forget Rural Schools

Look outside cities for today's neediest classrooms

Mission Statement Infographic

Why should I craft a mission statement? How do I get started? What practical steps do I need to take?

We Welcome a New Chairman

Donn Weinberg, the executive vice president and a trustee of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, has been elected as chairman of The Philanthropy Roundtable.

Nonprofit Spotlight: Bunker Labs

Supporting veterans pursuing entrepreneurship

Interview with Mike Rowe

The "Dirty Jobs" and "Somebody's Gotta Do It" star on the tyranny of the college narrative and the value of manual work

2 Brothers, A Truck, and Lots of Subs

A pair of entrepreneurs answer the philanthropic call

Bad Donors, Good Results

Human kindness and charitable success aren’t necessarily linked. That’s one of the paradoxes of philanthropy.

Interview with J.D. Vance

The Rust Belt native and Yale Law graduate on his nonprofit and the barriers to success many Americans face

Revving Economic Engines at Community Colleges

Want to get America back to work? Stop overlooking the thousand schools that serve half of America's higher-ed students

Drawing a Larger Circle Around Families

There are volunteers eager to nurture children and parents, reducing the trauma of foster care

Damaging Solutions in Search of a Problem

An anecdotal call for crimping America's distinctive private philanthropy

New Video! Philanthropy and Politics

Prominent philanthropists discuss with us how private action can improve our nation even if politics remains fractious, the advantages donors and volunteers have when it comes to succeeding at societal reform, and the dangers that philanthropy needs to watch out for. Featuring Betsy DeVos, Phil Anschutz, Bernie Marcus, Harris Rosen, Jack Miller, Jeff Sandefer, David Weekley, and others.

An Indispensable Donor Memorializes America’s Irreplaceable Patriots

Philadelphia's New Museum of the American Revolution is a long-overdue landmark

Newspaper Nonprofits

Gerry Lenfest is a leading American philanthropist, and also owner of two Philadelphia newspapers—the Inquirer and Daily News. At the beginning of this year he combined his occupations and donated the newspapers, plus their companion website to the Philadelphia ­Foundation.

Donor Intent Workshop

Join us for a special workshop on October 25, preceding our 2017 annual meeting.

How private givers can rescue America

This book offers inspiration and a practical roadmap for the next generation of patriotic philanthropists willing to organize, spend, and act to change our culture and strengthen the nation in places where government has disappointed.

Building Builders

A Christian polytechnic university takes after its inventive founder

12 Common Criticisms of Philanthropy—and Some Answers

Critics have argued that charitable giving isn’t focused enough on the poor, isn’t sufficient to make a difference, is undemocratic, and more, but research—and history—show otherwise.