True Diversity

True Diversity

I am more than what you see.

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Support True Diversity in Philanthropy

Diversity and inclusion are worthy goals. Philanthropy Roundtable’s True Diversity campaign celebrates the rich identities and characteristics that make each person unique and special.

We believe philanthropy should bring together people with diverse experiences, skills, knowledge and backgrounds to develop the most effective ideas and solutions for helping those in need.

At the Roundtable, we amplify those who promote equality for all and pursue innovative efforts that uplift communities. This means we not only fight and condemn racism, anti-Semitism and hate in all forms, we also recognize that organizations have different missions as they tackle complex problems. This is the diversity we need.

The Roundtable’s community is committed to strengthening society by advancing liberty, opportunity and personal responsibility. Join us as we discuss what kinds of diversity are needed to help solve the problems on the ground.

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Five Principles of True Diversity

    Each person is a unique individual worthy of dignity and respect. It is only by taking the time to know and understand them, their challenges and their circumstances, rather than simply making assumptions based on how they look, that we can best support them.
    Excellent results are best achieved by bringing together people with diverse skill sets, backgrounds and perspectives to further a common mission. Each organization is in the best position to know what types of diversity in leadership and staffing will best support its mission—and thus strengthen the communities it serves.
    Good ideas can come from anywhere, and there are many ways to address social challenges. Bringing together people with diverse views is the key to encouraging a robust competition of ideas, experimentation with different approaches and ultimately better answers and outcomes.
    Discussion and debate open the door to progress. Direct, honest and respectful conversation may take courage, but it is the antidote to division, resentment and stagnation.
    The best way to uplift individuals and strengthen communities is to foster the sense of agency that only comes when everyone is empowered to reach their full potential.

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