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New Senate Bill Would Stifle Charitable Giving, Harming Those in Need

While many continue to wait for the relief they hoped 2021 would bring, many small businesses and social service organizations are still struggling. Some 83 percent of nonprofits have reported a decline in revenue with nearly three-quarters having to reduce their services. 

What About the Kids? Advances in Protecting the Rights of Children

Join us as we learn how foster children in a number of states do not have the right to legal counsel while their abusive parents do, and what can be done about it.

Can we talk about it? with Debi Ghate

Is it possible to seek diversity without labeling others? This week, Irshad Manji joins host Debi Ghate to talk about this idea of plurality, leading by listening to understand and standing your ground with integrity while also seeking common ground.


Philanthropy and Emancipation

Juneteenth at its core is about finally fulfilling the promise of America’s founding documents and extending the blessing of liberty to all Americans.

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Announcing The Philanthropy Roundtable's Donor Intent Hub

The Donor Intent Hub encourages donors to think carefully about how they deploy their gifts, and provides them with useful guidelines for making sure their philanthropy accomplishes the good they intend.

Earning a Living the Gig Economy Way: Threats and Opportunities

We heard why the gig economy is working so well, what the latest threats are to its continued existence, and what devastating impacts there would be in curtailing it. Our speakers are all working to ensure that this new way of earning a living remains an option for those who need it most.






Protecting Your Legacy

A Wise Giver’s Guide to Honoring and Preserving Donor Intent

Philanthropy Magazine

Fall 2020

Philanthropy meets America's identity crisis.

The Almanac


A compendium of the Great Donors, Great Achievements, Great Ideas, and Latest Facts on private giving in the U.S.