True Diversity

True Diversity is an equality-based initiative that promotes a thoughtful and holistic approach to embracing diversity. It provides a framework for charitable organizations that wish to see an evolution from box-checking and quotas to a celebration of the full kaleidoscope of identities and characteristics that make each person special.

Opportunity Playbook

The Opportunity Playbook helps connect foundations and individual donors with high-impact organizations that promote economic opportunity and advance economic mobility among individuals and families across the country.

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Doers to Donors

Meet the innovators and self-made entrepreneurs who are strengthening communities and improving lives through meaningful philanthropy.

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Investing in Areas that Improve Lives

  • America’s Founding Principles

    Our nation’s founding principles created a system that protects the individual rights and freedoms of all Americans. We believe the best way to safeguard the future of our democracy is by promoting and defending the American ideals that strengthen our free society.
  • Pathways to Opportunity

    We want to ensure every American has the freedom to reach their full, unique potential and achieve economic security. We support organizations that eliminate barriers to upward mobility, expand opportunity and reward hard work and perseverance.
  • Strong Communities

    The American spirit has always been generous with neighbor helping neighbor to uplift entire communities. To protect and propel this generosity, we offer convenings, resources and advice to the philanthropic community to share knowledge and opportunities that strengthen local civil society, bolster direct social service or support individuals, families, and communities.


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      by Elizabeth McGuigan
      • Unheralded Generosity: A 50-State Look at Anonymous Giving

        by Elizabeth McGuigan
        • Government Overreach Hurts Charities and Those They Serve

          by Elizabeth McGuigan

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