Philanthropy Roundtable’s vision is to build and sustain a vibrant American philanthropic movement that strengthens our free society.

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New Senate Bill Would Stifle Charitable Giving, Harming Those in Need

When people have the flexibility to give how, when and where they choose, it spurs even more generosity and uplifts those who we all wish to help.

Support True Diversity in Philanthropy

True Diversity supports a culture where people are judged by the content of their character and actions, and not reduced to solely their race, gender, sexual orientation or group identity qualities.

Philanthropy Magazine's 30th Anniversary Edition

The 30th anniversary and final print edition of Philanthropy magazine honors the magazine’s editors through the years and some of its many contributions to excellent philanthropy.


Elise Westhoff Highlights Key Accomplishments in State of the Roundtable

Last week, Philanthropy Roundtable President and CEO Elise Westhoff, along with Chairman of the Board Rick Graber, participated in the organization’s second annual State of the Roundtable.

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Philanthropy Roundtable's Donor Intent Hub

The Donor Intent Hub encourages donors to think carefully about how they deploy their gifts, and provides them with useful guidelines for making sure their philanthropy accomplishes the good they intend.

Philanthropy Roundtable Launches “Doers to Donors”

Meet the innovators and self-made entrepreneurs who are strengthening communities and improving lives through meaningful philanthropy.






Protecting Your Legacy

A Wise Giver’s Guide to Honoring and Preserving Donor Intent

The Almanac


A compendium on the greatest donors, most influential achievements, essential statistics, and vital ideas in U.S. private giving history.

True Diversity


True Diversity brings together people with diverse experiences, skills, knowledge and backgrounds to develop the most effective ideas and solutions for helping those in need.