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Our team fosters meaningful relationships among donors who are interested in advancing liberty, opportunity and personal responsibility by creating pathways to economic opportunity. We offer strategic advising and opportunities to collaborate with influential peers that help our donor community achieve their philanthropic goals and advance their values through effective charitable giving. Our focus areas include: K-12 Education, Higher Education, and Workforce Development.

  • Higher Education

    Higher education is often to costly and fails to equip students with the skills they need. We work with donors to direct funding toward higher education initiative and alternatives that challenge the status quo.
  • K-12 Education

    Far too many children are trapped in failing schools because of their ZIP code. We help donors eliminate barriers to educational opportunity, support school choice and promote new, innovative options for parents and children.
  • Workforce Development

    Workforce participation remains below pre-pandemic levels. We help donors support a thriving workforce through investments in impactful nonprofits providing skills training and removing barriers to work.


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The Opportunity Playbook helps connect foundations and individual donors with high-impact organizations that promote economic opportunity and advance economic mobility among individuals and families across the country.

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