Philanthropic Programs & Services

Values-Based Giving

We help our donor community identify high-impact investment opportunities and connect them with organizations that share our values. We specialize in vetting potential grantees whose work aligns with the Roundtable’s programmatic focus areas: America’s Founding Principles, Pathways to Opportunity and Strong Communities.

Our due diligence function analyzes nonprofits on multiple dimensions to determine organizational health. This service is highly customized to meet the investment interests of our advisory partners. Learn more about Values-Based Giving.

Values-Based Giving

Learn more about our community’s values and how charitable efforts work best when they are informed by a core set of values that empower individuals and their communities.

Donor Intent

Our resources take the guesswork out of safeguarding your donor intent and answer your most pressing questions. Learn more about donor intent and why it’s important for a healthy philanthropic sector.

Opportunity Playbook

The Opportunity Playbook helps connect foundations and individual donors with high-impact organizations that promote economic opportunity and advance economic mobility among individuals and families across the country.

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