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Historical Timeline

The 30th anniversary edition of Philanthropy honors the work of the magazine’s editors through the years. The following articles represent just a few of the magazine’s many contributions to excellent philanthropy. The concepts and practices discussed in this edition continue to have undeniable relevance and influence today.

    • Privacy as a Philanthropic Pillar

      by Karl Zinsmeister, Justin Torres
      • SOS: Stopping Opioid Slaughter

        by Caitrin Nicol Keiper
        • The Evaluation Wars

          by William Schambra

        30 Years of Philanthropy Magazine

        • President’s Note

          For three decades, Philanthropy magazine has played a critical role in the philanthropic sector. It has offered a unique perspective, highlighted important information and shared fascinating stories about donors and nonprofits advancing liberty, opportunity and personal responsibility.


          • Partners Against Misery

            by Susan Hertog
            • Interpreting the Founder’s Vision

              by Judge Robert Bork
              • De-Nationalizing Community

                by Richard Cornuelle
                • Outsmarting Albert Barnes

                  by James Panero
                  • Summa Cum Philanthropy

                    by Frederic J. Fransen
                  • Note from the First Editor

                    Kim Dennis

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