Philanthropic Freedom

Philanthropy Roundtable is a leading champion of philanthropic freedom because it’s essential to improving lives and strengthening our communities. The Roundtable believes charitable giving is most effective when donors are free to give to the causes and communities they care about most. It spurs generosity and allows nonprofits to focus on their core missions.

True Diversity

True Diversity is an equality-based initiative that promotes a thoughtful and holistic approach to embracing diversity. It provides a framework for charitable organizations that wish to see an evolution from box-checking and quotas to a celebration of the full kaleidoscope of identities and characteristics that make each person special.

D2D Ray Dalio

Doers to Donors

Meet the innovators and self-made entrepreneurs who are strengthening communities and improving lives through meaningful philanthropy.

The Simon-DeVos Prize

Each year Philanthropy Roundtable honors a living philanthropist who has shown exemplary leadership through his or her own charitable giving with the Simon-DeVos Prize, which includes a $200,000 award payable to any named charity.

Roundtable Roundup

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