Values-Based Giving

What is Values-Based Giving?

When philanthropy works well, donors and nonprofits work collaboratively to achieve the impossible. Joint charitable efforts continue to form bedrocks of support in communities across the country. And these voluntary efforts often succeed where coercive government-led efforts have failed.

That’s because of the values that drive them: Liberty, Opportunity and Personal Responsibility. Our community of donors and nonprofits believes that charity works best when efforts are informed by a core set of values that empower individuals and their communities. Explore our values below and the stories of how they are improving lives.


We believe everyone deserves dignity and respect, which is why we value each individual as a unique person with unique needs. Constitutional rights must be respected, and the power of the private sector should be leveraged to advance innovative solutions to complex problems. 

Construction Ready Provides Training for High-Paying Jobs

Construction Ready’s innovative model teaches students of all ages the skills to succeed in great paying construction jobs. A key part of its success in changing lives hinges on its partnerships with generous philanthropists who share its values and want to help people realize their full potential. 

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Opportunity Playbook

The Opportunity Playbook helps connect foundations and individual donors with high-impact organizations that promote economic opportunity and advance economic mobility among individuals and families across the country.

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