America’s Founding Principles

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Our team fosters meaningful relationships among donors who are interested in advancing liberty, opportunity and personal responsibility through a defense of American Founding Principles. We offer strategic advising and opportunities to collaborate with influential peers that help our donor community achieve their philanthropic goals and advance their values through effective charitable giving. Our focus areas include: Civics Education, Veterans, and Defending Founding Principles.

  • Civics Education

    Too many Americans lack basic knowledge about government. We help donors promote an informed citizenry, an essential ingredient to preserving liberty for generations to come.
  • Defending Founding Principles

    Our founding principles are under attack. We help donors defend these principles that make America a prosperous, free nation so more Americans can achieve the American Dream.
  • Veterans

    Far too often, veterans return from war zones and cannot access the help they need to adjust to life back home. We work with donors to ensure they get the support they deserve.


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    Doers to Donors: Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg on Why Capitalism Drives Economic Growth

  • America’s Founding Principles

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If you are interested in learning more about the America’s Founding Principles program, please reach out to Clarice Smith.

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