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Interview with Steve Moore preview

Interview with Steve Moore

Philanthropy: Funders seem to be responding to the coronavirus crisis in different ways depending on their regional context. Moore: A theme in the Almanac of American Philanthropy is how crucial diversity is: Diversity of…

Blood and Generosity preview

Blood and Generosity

“You have to be relentless,” David Rubenstein told him. Christopher Ullman was trying to raise money for an inner-city Christian school, so he went to his boss at the Carlyle…

Artist Relief preview

Artist Relief

Shan Wallace, a 29-year-old photographer who documents the lives of Baltimore natives like herself, creates her art by forming connections with strangers. She refers to the resulting images of city…

Keeping Covid Philanthropy Local preview

Keeping Covid Philanthropy Local

Leo Linbeck, a Houston businessman and CEO of Aquinas Companies, spoke with Philanthropy about how his hometown is weathering the coronavirus, what the pandemic means for education, and why fear shouldn’t drive decision-making….

Restaurant Workers Feed the Hungry preview

Restaurant Workers Feed the Hungry

The covid-19 crisis created numerous problems in the food sector. Food banks were taxed as millions of families sought assistance. Meanwhile many of their volunteers were unable to help out as…

Boosts for Small Business preview

Boosts for Small Business

Last month, Philanthropy Roundtable director of economic opportunity Tony Mayer hosted a webinar reviewing local philanthropic measures to help small businesses stay afloat during the economic distress associated with covid-19. He hosted representatives…

The State of Charitable Giving preview

The State of Charitable Giving

Philanthropic giving in the U.S. shot upward last year. In fact, it rose to its second highest level ever recorded, with donations from individuals, bequests, foundations, and corporations reaching $449.6…