Collaborating for a Bigger Bang

  • Overseas
  • 2011

“We had become a de-facto co-funder group: We were funding a lot of the same poverty-fighting organizations, had similar philosophies, and liked each other’s company.” That’s what a group of 12 funders with a special focus on the needs of the poor in developing countries discovered back in 2011. So they created an informal alliance they named Big Bang Philanthropy. The group is collegial, with a minimum of rules beyond the simple requirement of spending at least $1 million annually overseas, and having a desire to compare notes and collaborate with similar peers. The current 12 members donate more than $60 million per year to battle international poverty. They don’t pool their money, but there is heavy overlap in their funding decisions, and they share much useful information. The David Weekley, Segal, Mulago, and Peery Foundations are included among the members.