Nutrition Research Hub in North Carolina

  • Prosperity
  • 2005

A site near the geographic center of North Carolina that housed one of the world’s largest textile mills until it went bankrupt in 2003 has since had $781 million of donated money poured into it by David Murdock. Murdock made a fortune in real estate and then bought Dole Foods, the world’s largest producer of fruits and vegetables. Having both a professional stake and a deep personal fascination in nutrition, Murdock set up his own research institute to study issues at the intersection of food, agriculture, and human health. Then he invited eight North Carolina universities and numerous private corporations with nutritional interests to establish their own labs on the 350-acre campus. The curative and prophylactic effects of plant foods and healthy diets are a particular focus. Approximately 600 scientific investigators and support staff currently work on the campus, and Murdock has funded dozens of specific studies.

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