• Arts & Culture
  • 1981

Ted Arison knew something about building small chances into big successes. He had grown Carnival Cruise Lines from a single ship into the largest and most profitable cruise line in the world (by far, with revenues of over $2 billion a year). When he took up art philanthropy, he founded the YoungArts program and the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts. Rather than focus on the display or creation of art, Arison wanted to start an organization that focused on young artists themselves, building them up with encouragement and support. Since Florida hosted several of Carnival’s major hubs, Arison opted to locate the program in Miami, a city he believed was in need of a stronger arts presence.

Since its founding, YoungArts has supported the careers of thousands of budding artists through education programs, financial support, awards, and more. One of its programs, YoungArts Week, brings 150 of the nation’s best young artists to Miami for a week each year, providing them with encouragement, training, and networking opportunities with their peers and with established artists.